Commercial Recycling Partnerships

Your plastic waste can be a golden opportunity

Everyone knows that recycling is good for the planet. But if you’re a commercial business that produces large amounts of unwanted plastic film, it can be good for your wallet too. Because we depend on your recyclable plastic to make our products, we’ll pay top dollar to take it off your hands. Here you’ll find information on what we need, how we can get it and what we’ll give you in return.

What we're looking for

Low Density Polyethylene

High clarity, moderate stretch
and strength characteristics
Thicker newspaper bags, bread bags
Bubble wrap (can be harder to ship)

Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Moderate clarity, slight tacky
feel to the touch
Clear, thin newspaper bags
Dry cleaning films

Medium Density Polyethylene

Moderate clarity, poor stretch and strength characteristics
Toilet paper and paper towel packaging
Often used as a substitute for other resins
when strength is not required

High Density Polyethylene

Some opacity, crinkle to the touch,
low stretch, easy tear, high strength
Most grocery bags
T-shirt bags
Air cushioning

Make some green by going green

Baling and transportation

With decades of experience and a dedicated team of representatives at your service,
Trex will do whatever it takes to make recycling your company’s plastic film as easy
as possible.

  • Competitively priced per pound
  • Payment terms are a minimum of net 45
  • Down-stroke balers are available with various payment options
  • Baled materials will be collected by Trex at your convenience
  • Trex can provide a road-worthy trailer for storage and shipment if necessary


Contact Dave Heglas, Sr. Director of Materials, for more information
By email:
By telephone: 540-542-6327

Looking to recycle with us on a less industrial scale?

Find out how you can pitch in with our Recycling Programs.

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