Trex® Responsible Manufacturing

Trex is sustainable at its core. We transform waste materials into durable and attractive decking through manufacturing processes that reduce our environmental impacts across emissions, energy, water and waste. Manufacturing responsibly is more crucial than ever as we grow our operations to deliver more eco-friendly products.

How We Operate

Energy and Emissions

We design Trex facilities to run efficiently with a focus on installing the best available energy-saving equipment and increasing transportation efficiency. This includes replacing air-cooled refrigerant systems with more efficient alternatives and using rail cars instead of trucks for transport where possible.

Waste and Recycling

We aim to reduce waste at the source. And for waste that can’t be avoided, we recycle where possible. For example, our manufacturing facilities channel factory scrap and plastic film packaging back into the manufacturing process for our composite decking.

Water Use

Water is a precious resource that must be conserved at every opportunity. We use closed-loop recirculation systems at our Virginia and Nevada facilities, recycling nearly all of the process water. We’re also designing our new Arkansas manufacturing facility with the same technology.

reduction in our overall energy use compared to 2021.
tons of non-hazardous waste recycled in 2022.
gallons of water recycled at our manufacturing facilities in 2022.
increase in our recycling of non-hazardous waste during 2022.


To grow Trex operations responsibly, we take steps to protect the ecosystems directly around us. Prior to breaking ground for our Virginia headquarters and  our new Arkansas manufacturing facility, we hired independent consultants to assess the potential impact on nearby ecosystems, protected species habitat and other environmental conditions. Based on this assessment, we are maintaining 12 acres of wetlands within our Arkansas campus.

Building a Better Tomorrow Together

Discover the environmental wins of Trex decking in our 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report.

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