Everything wood can do, TrexTrim can do better

TrexTrim offers innovative luxury where you least expect it, from elaborate window and door finishes to graceful pillars and porch ceilings, all with our trademark high-performance, low-maintenance finish that wood just can’t touch.


  • Impervious to rotting, insects and splitting
  • Stays whole and installs cleanly
  • Installs right against brickwork and stucco
  • Looks great as-is or can be painted for a custom look
  • Low maintenance

Wood Trim

  • Splinters, warps, rots and splits
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Cannot have direct contact with masonry
  • Requires two coats of paint for coverage
  • Requires frequent upkeep
Patio furniture around an outdoor fire pit is flanked by the crisp white Trex Trim columns of the home's exterior.
High Performance
  • Proven reliability of free-foam cellular PVC
  • Outstanding workability–cuts, routs, fastens and paints easily
  • Superior resistance to rot, insects and splitting
Trex Trim provides a crisp white edge to a circular window on the exterior of this home.
Perennial Beauty
  • Available in both a smooth or wood-grain finish
  • Multiple profiles, including boards, sheets, cornerboards and beadboard
  • Unique release film protects trim from plant to installation
Trex Trim adds architectural detail to this exterior column
Trex through and through
  • Easy maintenance
  • Backed by the Trex 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty
Versatile, easy-to-install solutions for everything from wainscoting to soffits.



Available in a smooth or woodgrain finish and a variety of sizes and thicknesses.


Create drop panels, cover larger areas or create custom looks.


Features a sealed center bead to ensure a clean finish and a reversible side for a paneled look.


Makes a finished product look seamless and complete.

The stylish, worry-free way to complete corners, windows, doors and more, these custom-built trimboards make the most difficult jobs easy.


J-Channel with flange

1” x 18’

The milled channel hides the edges of siding material, while offering a slot that fits over the difficult-to-fit window flange.

Corner J-channel

1” x 20’

These pre-formed corners provide a pocket for the siding to slide into, eliminating the unsightly joint where the corner and the siding meet.


1” x 18’

Milled with a pocket that accepts many different types of siding, making the finished project look cleaner with less effort.


3/4” x 18’, 1” x 18’

Designed for ground contact and contact with masonry, skirtboard is pre-milled to fit and protect siding from impact and moisture.

Our 19 wall-to-ceiling edge profiles finish all the gaps, crevices and intersections of your project.


Crown profiles
  • 3” Crown
  • 4” Crown
  • 5” Crown
  • 6” Crown
  • Rams Crown
  • Solid Crown
Casing Profiles
  • Base Cap
  • Brick Mould
  • Back Band
  • Rake Moulding
  • Adams Casing
Cove Profiles
  • Bed Moulding
  • Scotia Cove
  • Quarter Round
  • Inside Corner
Additional Profiles
  • Garage Door Stop
  • Drip Cap
  • Shingle Mould
  • Historic Sill
  • Transom Sill Nose
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