How to Install Trex Plug-Based Decking Screws for Trex Solid-Core Decking (Trex Transcend® Lineage, Transcend®, Select® decking lines)


Welcome to Trex Academy, your go-to resource for all things deck-related. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of installing Trex plug-based decking fastener system, ensuring a seamless finish for your deck project for Trex solid-core decking lines (Trex Transcend® Lineage™, Transcend®, Select® decking lines).

Disclaimer: Instructions provided by Trex® are based on the build specifications that Trex® demonstrated in the Trex® Academy video series, and are not universal to all homeowners’ projects. A homeowner’s build may vary from Trex’s instructions based on the homeowner’s local municipality requirements, individual design preference and project specifications. For questions or assistance needed during your project, please reach out to

15 seconds per fastener
*Times may vary
Step-by-Step Instructions
Chapter 01: About the Trex Plug-based Decking Fastener System (Solid-core)
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Features and Benefits

Depth Setting Tool

  • The Trex decking depth setter tool ensures a wobble-free installation, setting the screw to the perfect depth for the Trex plug. Each pack includes the correct number of depth setting tools for convenience.


  • The staggered strip design of the plugs makes these plugs easy to handle and install efficiently. Made from Trex's proprietary shell material, they blend seamlessly with the board's shell for a flawless finish.

Composite Decking Screws

  • Machine-Cut Slot: The machine-cut slot effortlessly pierces through the high-performance Trex shell, facilitating a smooth installation process.
  • Lower Threads and HEXSTIX: Unique tri-lobe lower thread design paired with patented HEXSTIX drive technology ensures a fast and wobble-free drive, enhancing efficiency and precision.
  • Mushrooming Elimination: Reverse threads and a unique head design prevent mushrooming around the screw head, resulting in a clean and polished finish.


  • Backed by the same warranty as Trex decking when used with Trex Transcend, Transcend Lineage, and Trex Select lines, providing added assurance and peace of mind.

Step 1: Confirm Product Compatibility

Ensure the system is not used with Trex Enhance® decking or any Trex fascia product. Specific plug-based systems and installation videos are available for those products.

Step 2: Pre-Drill

Pre-drill the deck board at a 90-degree angle using a 1/8” drill bit if screws are to be installed closer than 1” from a board end or edge.

Step 3: Install the Screw

Use two screws per joist or stair stringer, driving them at a 90-degree angle using the Trex decking depth setter tool. Ensure a continuous motion until the depth setter fully seats the screw to the design depth for the plug.

Step 4: Install the Plug

Clean the hole of any debris or water, then center the plug over the hole and align the grain with the board. Press the plug into the hole and tap it flush with a smooth-face hammer for a professional finish.



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