Trex Donation Request For Non-Profit Charity

Trex is a people-first workplace that also believes in giving back to the communities we call home, and we are honored to support 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations dedicated to advancing educational and environmental initiatives, as well as programs that make a positive impact in the lives of children.

Although not all requests can be met, our Donations and Contributions Committee personally reviews every submission. Requests must be submitted no less than one month in advance of the event requesting sponsorship.

Please note: Requests submitted for Trex furniture or Trex material will not be approved due to agreements with our distributors and manufacturing and retail partners. We are also unable to honor requests for Trex decking materials at this time.

Submission requires your name, phone number, email and a fully executed W9.

We are unable to accept material requests at this time due to supply challenges.

Name of Requestor*
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Street Address*
State/Zip Code*
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Email Address*
Name of Employee
Detailed donation information*
Monetary Amount Requested
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