Occupational Health And Safety Policy

Trex Company, Inc., is committed to plan and perform all operations at all facilities in a manner that is safe for its employees. All Trex employees play a critical role in sustaining a compliant and safety conscious work environment, and keeping safety at the forefront of our business rises to the top with our CEO and the Trex Company Board of Directors. The Board has overall responsibility for ensuring management sustains a compliant and safe work environment. Our CEO is responsible for ensuring that the Presidents of our residential and commercial operations properly and effectively manage employee health and safety. Management and employees are responsible for continuously improving our operational discipline and safety culture.

  • A comprehensive understanding of worker expectations and requirements.
  • Compliance to statutory, regulatory and other legal requirements.
  • Prevention considerations in all designs and redesigns of facilities, equipment, processes, work methods and products, and incorporation of safe design methods into all phases of hazard and risk mitigation.
  • Demonstrating employee safety leadership in all of our processes while striving for world class performance.
  • Continual improvement by analyzing this commitment through the use of leading and lagging key performance indicators, such as safety observation audit completions, attendance at monthly safety training, safety work order completions, and targets related to recordable and lost time incident rates and days away or restricted time.

Worker health and safety is a shared responsibility where the company and its employees each have a role in ensuring the safety of the work environment.

In accordance with our Vendor and Customer Code of Conduct and Ethics, Trex suppliers and distributors (business partners) also have a role in ensuring a safe and secure business environment for the protection of their employees. Our business partners should comply with all applicable laws pertaining to health and safety in the workplace, and should take effective steps to prevent health and safety incidents and occupational injuries and/or illnesses.

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