Halloween Party-Proof Your Deck


Trex outdoor living products are strong enough to survive even the most haunting of Halloween parties. Let's count down the top five ways Trex outlasts anything your party-goers can throw at it:

  1. Trex Transcend® decking’s durable shell offers the highest level of scratch resistance so you can relax when the deck furniture gets shoved to the side in favor of a make-shift dance floor. Cue up "Thriller" with no worries!
  2. With Trex Elevations®  steel deck framing, your deck's foundation remains safe and strong when the party starts jumping (literally and figuratively).
  3. Trex composite decking is made with 95% recycled materials, meaning you’ll have plenty of good karma heading into the spooky season.
  4. Trex decking and railing products are easy to clean so you don't need to be concerned if your trick-or-treaters are also messy eaters.
  5. Trex decking comes with a 25-year Fade and Stain Warranty, giving you the freedom to celebrate for years to come!

 Interested in party-proofing your deck? Start with a sample.