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Visualize Your Next Deck with the Trex® AR App

Whatever point you’re at in the dream-to-deck journey, the Trex® AR Deck Visualizer app can help you plan and design the perfect deck with Trex decking and railings.

April 24, 2023

Try Before You Buy With Trex AR Visualizer

The Trex AR (augmented reality) visualizer allows you to “build” a deck in your backyard space — virtually. You can even use it to order samples and find builders or retailers, so you can get started with your desk project right away.  The joy of this easy-to-use app is play and experimentation. Using Trex® AR App is as simple as downloading, pointing, and clicking. It’s available on Google Play and the App Store and works on smartphones and tablets. 

The augmented reality technology used by Trex for this app allows you to "place" a deck on any suitable flat plane outdoors using your phone or tablet’s camera. The deck appears on screen, superimposed over the scene you’re capturing. This means you can get a realistic idea of how a deck would look anywhere on your property.

You can adjust details from the deck’s size and shape to the Trex decking board style and color. You can also add, remove, and compare Trex railings. Continue playing with the design until you have created a deck that’s uniquely you and perfectly suited to your space. 

Don’t want to stand out in the cold designing a deck? No problem. You can also create a deck design in Mini Mode from the comfort of your home. You'll still have access to all the same features you’d have in full AR mode. 

Share Deck Ideas With Friends, Family, and Contractors

Once you’ve decided on a deck design you love or narrowed it down to a few options, you can snap screenshots from all the best angles. Share pictures of the deck you just designed with family members, friends, or even your deck builder to help you make the final selections.

When all the design decisions have been made, simply hit “My Deck” to receive a list of the decking and railing specs you’ll need to make your deck a reality. You can email them to yourself or find a TrexPro® Builder in your area through the app.

How Does the Trex AR Visualizer App Work?

The Trex Visualizer App uses your phone or tablet camera to plot the area you want to build a deck. It identifies suitable flat areas where construction would be easy. Then, it creates a 3D model of a small Trex deck that you can drag to expand into your space, experimenting with size and shape.

This technology may be new, but it’s also very easy to use. You only need a reasonably steady hand, a phone or tablet, and a little time to experiment with decking and railing design options.

Trex AR Deck Visualizer Features

The innovative, easy-to-use Visualizer App should be an intuitive experience with smartphone and tablet apps. Its features include:

  • Choose decking boards: Choose between all Trex composite decking board styles and colors.
  • Select picture frame style: Try a ‘picture frame’ style deck design with accent boards surrounding your deck, including mixing and matching board colors.
  • Choose railings: Check out how your deck will look with and without railings, and try all railing options: mesh, glass, and classic baluster.
  • Easy rotation: Take a look at your dream deck from all angles.
  • Resize deck: Want to go big? Just drag your deck’s edges to explore size options.
  • Mini Mode: In mini mode, you can design a deck from anywhere.
  • Build Mode: Build mode overlays a full-size deck exactly where you want to build the real thing.
  • Screenshot: Snap a screenshot of your deck to send to friends and family or make comparisons between designs.
  • My Deck: This feature provides a list of materials needed for your newly designed deck and even allows you to directly email a local TrexPro contractor to take your deck from AR to IRL.

Next Steps With Trex: Take Your Deck Design to the Next Level

The Trex AR Visualizer App is the perfect first step for planning a deck, but you can take the planning further with more tools on To create a detailed design plan for your next deck, try the Trex® Deck Designer. This tool allows you to experiment with design, and create a material list and a blueprint specific to your design. 

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