How to Install a Trex® Gate


By adding a gate to any outdoor space, you can add an extra level of protection for your family and friends. Learn how to install a Trex® Gate with this step-by-step video. 

For any home project, be certain to follow local code and permitting requirements. 

A gated deck makes for a more private space and adds an element of safety for kids or pets. Adding a gate can also help redefine the aesthetic of your deck. If you’re feeling creative, you can build your own DIY deck gate from scratch. But if you’re not an experienced craftsman, it’s often much simpler to use premade models like the Trex deck gate, which are designed with strength, durability, and minimal upkeep in mind.

Deck Gate Codes & Safety Guides

Regardless of whether you’re building a gate yourself or installing a pre-made gating system, the installation will need to meet local building codes and other safety requirements. While the International Residential Code doesn’t provide specific requirements for gates, it’s best practice to follow the guardrail guidelines to help prevent any issues with your building inspector. Some examples of best practices  for a gate:

  • The minimum height of a gate is determined by code requirements for rail height. For instance, a 36” rail would require a deck gate of 36 inches, whereas a 42-inch rail would require a 42-inch rail.
  • Balusters must be spaced closely enough to prevent a 4-inch sphere from passing between
  • The distance between the bottom of the gate and the decking should be no more than 4 inches when the gate is closed.
  • The gate should open onto the deck -- not onto the stairs or the ground.
  • Although not all gates require strap hinges, many wood and composite gates often require these straps, which must be strong enough to support its weight. However, Trex gates are made from aluminum and each baluster is welded to provide lateral stability, negating the need for a strap hinge.
Get Started Installing Your Deck Gate Today

Installing a deck gate can add an element of both privacy and safety. Premade Trex deck gates make installation a relatively easy process. Find a retailer in your area and follow these helpful tips to get started on installing your own deck gate today.

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