Resurface Your Deck with Trex Transcend® Decking

Learn how to resurface your old wood deck by installing the Trex Transcend® composite decking with step-by-step instructions from our How-To Team.

How to DIY an Above-Ground Pool Deck

Our How-To Team is here to provide installation instructions for your DIY above-ground pool deck. Learn how to build a deck around a pool with Trex Academy.

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“With a growing and constantly busy family, I didn’t want to spend an entire weekend every six months applying decking oil. Trex is our perfect solution.”

Shannon Vos
Australian Design Expert
Pro Tip
Use the Trex Hidden Fastener Tool for Quicker Fastener Installation

Another way of installing fasteners is with the Hideaway Hidden One-Step Fastener Tool. This tool will hold the clip and guide the tip of the drill into the top of the fastener, making installation easier and faster.

Pro Tip
Line Up Decking Seams with the Center of the Post

When a deck board needs to be cut and the next deck board will but up against it, it is a good idea to make the seam line up with the center of the post. This will give a smaller seam between the deck boards and some of that seam will be covered by the post sleeve and trim ring.

Pro Tip
Start in the Corner When Cutting a Square Shape

When cutting a square shape start in the corner by drilling a hole big enough for the jigsaw blade to fit into. Let the hole touch each side of the corner lines that were marked for the post.  Once the hole is drilled, cut the lines and the jig saw blade will be able to turn easily in the corner of the square marks.