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Before & After: From Concrete To Composite

Learn why bestselling author and blogger Melissa Michaels chose composite decking over wood with resources at Lowe's. View her new deck and designs.

August 22, 2018

“Our backyard was a big selling point for us in buying our home. We were thrilled to finally be creating an inviting deck where we could gather with friends and family to really enjoy it.”

“We started with an old cracked concrete patio. Not the worst situation in the world, but definitely not the most inspiring. It was ready for a refresh.”

“While I came into the project with a general vision for what I wanted in terms of the size, shape and materials, any indecision or choices were easily solidified through the resources at Lowe’s.”

“Wood decks and railings take a beating from the rain here in the Northwest. They rot and require so much upkeep. That’s the reason I used Trex; it will be nearly maintenance free for years.”

“One of the free services I found really helpful was to schedule a project specialist from Lowe’s to come to our home. You can set up the appointment from the store, online or even text, so it’s really convenient.”

“When our PSE came out to see the space, he confirmed that we could leave our original concrete patio in place and just install the deck frame over it.”

“Our Trex deck color is called Saddle. We found its hue to create a cozy, inviting, organic feel that complemented our natural ‘Northwest’ surroundings.”

“A new deck becomes an additional room; it expands your livable space. Plus, it adds to the value of your home.”

“It has added so much to our life—it really changed how we live.”

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