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Grey & Beige Composite Decking Ideas

Whether you're building a new deck, expanding a deck, or thinking about resurfacing your existing deck, you should know about the "greige" outdoor design trend.

June 16, 2023
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Grey & Beige Color Trends

For the last decade, grey color schemes have dominated interior and exterior home designs. However, change is coming. The latest trends reports show a gradual shift towards warm, nature-inspired brown hues. The result? The rise of the "greige" color palette. 

Admittedly, it's not the prettiest word but represents the marriage of grey and beige that's taken over home design. Homeowners participating in a recent Trex focus group, shared that they want a "clean canvas" for their outdoor space. Participants like how this neutral shade creates a timeless backdrop for their outdoor space, one that feels just as on trend in 2023 as it will 50 years from now (which is how long our best-performing decking boards can last!) Let's explore Trex's best "greige" decking options.

HGTV Dream Home 2023 in Morrison, CO


Biscayne is part of the Trex Transcend® Lineage™ decking line. Transcend Lineage decking boards come with a 50-year warranty and heat-mitigating technology*, so the family can enjoy the deck even on the sunniest days. The comfortably faded coastal brown of Biscayne evokes a salt-whipped seaside cabin without the wait for weathering and with a much longer lifespan than a wooden beachside deck could manage. It's no surprise this shade was featured on the HGTV® Dream Home 2023.

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A soft, creamy taupe, Carmel embodies the glow of white sands and Cyprus-covered cliffs with its toasty brown and grey undertones. Like Biscayne, Carmel is part of our Lineage decking line, known for its subtle grain pattern and heat-mitigating technology.*

Rope Swing

Part of our best-selling Trex Transcend® decking line, Rope Swing boards come with a 50-year warranty. This pale, sandy taupe shade, with a realistic grain pattern– you guessed it - falls in that sweet spot between a natural brown and a neutral grey. 

Rocky Harbor

Rocky Harbor, from our more affordable Trex Enhance® decking line, offers a greige option for a backyard on a budget. Backed by a 25-year warranty, these boards fall somewhere between toasty sand and slate grey colors.

Benefits of a Grey & Beige Deck Color

Colors that blend grey and beige get the best of both worlds with the modernity of grey and the warm, timeless feel of brown tones. Not only will decks built with this color palette look on trend right now, but they will stay relevant and versatile for years to come. All four Trex greige colors work with subtle minimalism designs as well as decadent maximalism styles.

Here are our favorite benefits of designing with this shade:

  • Grey-to-beige decking works with a variety of styles and can be dressed up or down with furniture, lighting, planting and more.
  • These colors work with most interior design styles, extending your living space and design outdoors. 
  • Grey/beige decking lets nature shine. These hues look at home in the woods, desert, beach and even the mountains. It can even bring a natural look and feel to an outdoor space in the middle of the city. 
  • Trex decking's realistic grain patterns enhance the natural look of an outdoor space. Biscayne and Carmel from our Lineage line, in particular, have a subtle and incredibly realistic grain pattern, as well heat-resistant technology* that makes it suitable for even extreme climates. 
  • All Trex composite decking boards are made with 95% recycled and reclaimed materials, so your decking choice will be on-trend and good for the Earth.

Grey & Beige Deck Ideas

So, you know you want a grey-to-beige deck. Maybe you've even decided on Rope Swing, Biscayne, Carmel or Rocky Harbor. What’s next? How will you make your greige deck suit your personal style and space? 

Let's take a look at some brown and grey deck color ideas:

Go with the Flow

The faded warmth of a deck somewhere between grey and beige evokes a wind-weathered shore. That means it looks great close to water, whether that means a poolside deck, water feature, or if you're fortunate, a deck situated by natural water like a lake or stream. You can also dress up your greige deck with pillows and throws in nautical colors like white, blue, and cute pastels to lean into the beach vibes.

Exterior photography of 2023 HGTV Dream Home in Morrison, Colorado. Photography of Belgard Hardscape products and Trex composite decking and railing.

Play with Color and Contrast

Contrasting your grey-brown deck boards with a dark railing is a great way to make that main color pop. The joy of greige is its versatility, so it looks great with a dark railing and modern with a glass railing. In other words, it lets you play.

Accessorize, Naturally

Grey and brown decks look beautiful in natural surroundings without stealing the show. Add planters or garden beds around your deck to create an outdoor oasis in your space.

Warm Things Up with Brown Tones

Want to bring out the calming, warm tones in your greige deck? It's easy. Just choose furniture in rich, brown hues to enhance your deck's honey and oak notes.

Classic White Accents

At the other end of the color wheel, white railings, planters, furniture, and pergolas emphasize the modern grey notes of your greige deck if that is more your style. These simple accent changes can completely shift the feel of your space, making it just one of the ways a greige deck color scheme is versatile.

Find Your Favorite Deck Color Today!

Whether you're convinced by greige or looking for something totally different, Trex has a decking style you'll love. Probably a few, in fact. Using the Trex® Color Selector, you can filter deck options from alluring reds to cool greys, to warm browns and take a close look at the naturalistic grain options. Pick your favorite board color and style today and order a sample to get a feel for your future deck.

*Although Trex Transcend Lineage is designed to be cooler than most other composite decking products of a similar color, on a hot sunny day, it will get hot. On hot days, care should be taken to avoid extended contact between exposed skin and the deck surface, especially with young children and those with special needs.