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13 Irresistible Upgrades for Your Outdoor Living Space

Elevate your outdoor space with these 13 outdoor living features.

July 10, 2024

How Do I Update My Existing Deck?

If you’ve been thinking about giving your outdoor living space a makeover with new deck additions, there’s no reason to start from scratch. This article shares 11 simple, yet stunning, ways to breathe new life into your existing deck. From adding charming lattice screens for privacy to incorporating cozy fire tables for warmth, to resurfacing the deck boards, these upgrades will take your deck to the next level and can even add value to your home.

Is Your Deck Missing Something?

The needs of our outdoor spaces can shift over time as our lives, families, and hobbies change. What was once a suitable deck may now leave us wanting more. 

That's what makes upgrades so great. And they don’t have to break the bank. Quick, easy-to-manage, and affordable deck makeover ideas can make it feel like you have a new deck without the hassle of intense renovation, helping us fall in love with our outdoor spaces again. 

If you’re ready to revamp your space with new deck add-on ideas, let’s dive into these 11 fantastic upgrades.

1. Add Privacy with Lattice and Screens

Lattice screens act as elegant partitions, shielding your deck from prying eyes and creating a cozy oasis for relaxation. They also serve as a versatile backdrop for climbing plants, infusing calming greenery into your space. Trex® Lattice™ options are both durable and decorative. 

For homeowners seeking even more seclusion, Trex® Privacy™ offers privacy screens that provide a solid barrier for maximum privacy without compromising style.


2. Cool Off with Pergolas and Umbrellas

Looking for a shaded retreat in your yard? Pergolas add sophistication while providing relief from the sun's scorching rays. Trex® Pergola™ kits are available in standard sizes as well as custom designs, along with multiple canopy and shade panel options for enhanced comfort.

If you don’t have enough green space or square footage on your deck for a pergola, consider adding an umbrella instead. It’s a simple and convenient solution for instant shade right where you sit.

3. Additional Seating and Outdoor Furniture

Flexible seating and outdoor furniture are key to creating inviting spaces that lead to memorable gatherings, making this one of the most easy and popular deck upgrades. 

From cozy loungers to chic dining sets, Trex's Outdoor Furniture collection has everything you need to host delightful get-togethers and enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style.

4. Give Your Deck a Glow Up

Transform your deck into a warm and inviting space with solar lights. With no wiring required, they're easy to install and eco-friendly, saving energy and money. Solar lights create a relaxing ambiance that encourages you to keep the festivities going long after the sun sets.

For those looking for wired lighting options, Trex offers a range of products that can add a sophisticated touch to your deck. These options include:

  • Post Cap Lights: Perfect for illuminating the tops of deck posts, adding a touch of elegance and visibility to your deck's perimeter.
  • Deck Rail Lights: Installed along the deck railing, these lights provide subtle, functional lighting that enhances safety and aesthetics.
  • Stair Riser Lights: Designed to be installed on the vertical portion of stair risers, these lights improve visibility and safety on your deck stairs.
  • Recessed Deck Lights: Installed flush with the deck surface, these lights are ideal for creating a sleek and modern look while providing essential illumination.
  • Aluminum Post Cap Lights: A durable option for lighting the tops of aluminum posts, combining strength with style.
  • Wedge Deck Rail Lights: These lights are attached to the post sleeves, offering discreet illumination that highlights the deck's architectural features.

While wired lighting options can be more challenging to install retroactively, it is still possible with the right planning and tools. Wired lights often require running cables and making connections that might involve accessing concealed areas of the deck structure.

However, the effort can be well worth it, as these lights offer reliable, consistent illumination and can be integrated with the Trex WiFi Controller, allowing you to control your lighting conveniently from your phone.

5. Infuse Your Outdoor Space with Music

Outdoor speakers are a quick and easy deck upgrade that creates whatever mood you desire with music that perfectly complements your deck's vibe. From lively get-togethers to laid-back evenings, speakers add an extra touch of enjoyment to your outdoor space.

6. Secure Your Space with Fencing and Gates

Fencing as an upgrade provides a secure boundary for your yard. With durable materials and attractive designs, Trex® fencing elevates your outdoor space while keeping it protected. 

When it comes to your deck, gates play a vital role in creating a safer environment, especially for families with young children and pets. Trex aluminum gates offer the perfect solution, combining strength, accessibility, and sleek aesthetics to enhance your deck's safety and charm.

7. Create a Green Oasis

You can easily revitalize your deck with lush potted plants and landscaping. Adding a few touches of green can create a nature-inspired retreat, even in the middle of an urban space. 

Don't worry if you're new to gardening. It's easy to get started with low-maintenance plants, like succulents on side tables or English Ivy on lattice panels. Spider plants in pots are also simple to maintain. Play with pots in various colors and shapes and the aesthetic options are limitless.


8. Cozy Warmth with a Fire Table

Adding a fire table to your deck makes the space more enjoyable and inviting. This essential deck upgrade extends its usability into cooler evenings and seasons, transforming it into a cozy gathering spot year-round.

Trex fire pit tables are designed to elevate your deck's ambiance at the touch of a button and come in a variety of styles to suit your needs.

9. Get Your Game On

Add a playful touch to your deck with fun-filled games, including quiet activities like cards to more active options like horseshoes or croquet. From casual hangouts to competitive game nights with family and friends, these entertaining activities complement fun and competitive vibes. 

For a classic favorite, check out Trex® Cornhole™. These regulation-sized boards can be left outside, making setup and storage effortless.

Deck chair next to a small table with glasses on a deck

10. Unwind with an Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar adds a level of excitement to your deck, making it the go-to spot for unwinding with family and friends. Enjoy the convenience of readily available beverages and refreshments, creating an upscale entertaining experience. 

Setting up an outdoor bar can be surprisingly easy. A portable bar or even repurposed furniture can do the trick.

Backyard dad barbequing hamburgers and hotdogs on a Trex deck with an above ground pool in the background.

11. Grill Like a Pro

Transform your deck into a culinary paradise by adding a grill, and you don't need a custom or built-in option to do it. A simple rolling grill can easily turn your deck into an outdoor kitchen that the whole family will love. 

Grilling on your deck adds a delightful culinary experience to any gathering. Plus, the convenience of a portable grill allows you to move it around effortlessly, creating the perfect cooking spot to suit your mood and weather.

Patio under a deck with a nice family dining table and an outdoor kitchen.

12. Regain the Space Under Your Deck

Decks situated at a higher level often have a large, unused, and neglected space beneath them. An excellent way to reclaim this area is by utilizing it for under-deck storage. There never seems to be enough space to neatly pack away your collection of outdoor equipment, so gaining an extra compartment is a priceless benefit.

Repurposing this space for garbage cans, gardening equipment, garden furniture, and even winter firewood can be a practical and valuable deck upgrade. Not only does this help in organizing your outdoor items, but it also frees up other storage spaces for more weather-sensitive belongings. 

Patio under a deck with a nice family dining table and an outdoor kitchen.

13. Clean Up the Edges

Enhance your deck's appearance with fascia, covering edges for a polished look and protecting it from elements, boosting longevity. Fascia is the perfect deck add on idea to complete your deck design. Choose white for a modern contrast or match the deck color for a seamless blend with the surroundings. Fascia elevates deck style and finishes effortlessly.

How Can I Make My Old Deck Look Better?

Patio under a deck with a nice family dining table and an outdoor kitchen.

One of the best ways to make an old deck look better is by making sure you clean it often. Regular cleaning can help remove dirt, stains, and grime that make it look worn out. Wood deck maintenance will be more manual including staining, painting, and sanding, whereas using composite decking is quicker and only requires a simple wash and scrub. 

Patio under a deck with a nice family dining table and an outdoor kitchen.

How Do I Modernize My Deck?

When considering modernizing your deck, there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, it's important to assess the current condition of your deck and determine if it can handle the added weight and workload of a redesign. This may involve reinforcing the support posts or replacing any damaged boards. Additionally, you'll need to decide on a design and materials for your new deck.

A popular option is using composite decking, which offers low maintenance and durability compared to traditional wood. You may also want to update the railing look by choosing a different style or material such as metal or glass panels. However, keep in mind that these changes will require additional time, effort, and cost as they involve tearing down and rebuilding parts of your deck. It's important to carefully consider all options and consult with a professional for guidance before undertaking such a heavy-lift project.

Patio under a deck with a nice family dining table and an outdoor kitchen.

Explore Deck Ideas with Trex

Transforming your existing deck into a stunning outdoor retreat is easier than you think. From adding privacy screens, pergolas, and outdoor furniture to incorporating outdoor speakers, solar lights, and fire tables, the possibilities are endless. 

Ready to transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis?
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