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Is Your Deck Safe?

Is your deck safe? May is Deck Safety Month, so here are five tips from Trex to keep your deck safe and secure.

July 19, 2018

Smooth Out the Surface

Exposed, loose nails are a hazard. If you own a wood deck, we recommend hammering down protruding nail heads or replacing them with galvanized screws that are approximately ½-inch longer than the original nails. (Nails shouldn’t loosen on decks made of other materials). If you are replacing or building a new deck, consider a wood-alternative material which uses hidden fasteners for a clean—and worry-free—finish.  

Reinforce with Railing

In addition to adding style to a deck, railing fundamentally adds security and support. When installing railing on a deck, we recommend making sure to space balusters no more than four inches apart to prevent small children and pets from squeezing through. After installation, push on the railing to ensure there is no give.

Build a Solid Foundation

For added support and safety, we suggest you reinforce your deck with a steel substructure. Unlike wood, steel will not warp, twist, split or decay. Steel offers superior durability, longevity and stability, and you won’t ever have to worry about insect damage undermining your substructure.

Light the Night

Prevent unwanted trips and other mishaps by installing lighting into your outdoor living space. Lighting provides sophisticated, understated fixtures to enhance the ambiance – and safety – of any deck. Check your local codes, as well. Some localities now require lighting on stairs.

Fire up the Grill

Any deck can feel warm and cozy with grills, fire pits, chimneys, heaters and candles, but it is important to make sure that they are properly placed away from flammable items and surfaces. Always use caution and follow the directions prescribed by the manufacturer.

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