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Q&A With Jillian Harris Of "Love It Or List It" And "The Bachelorette"

August 08, 2019

TV personality and interior designer Jillian Harris's classic and feminine design style has made her a popular voice for food, fashion, family life and home decor. She brings inspiring refreshes to homes in need on her show "Love It Or List It" where she first fell "in love" with Trex wood-composite decking. So, when it was time to rehab her own home, Jillian wasted no time incorporating Trex products into her outdoor spaces.

How did you come to choose Trex for your project?

“We've used Trex many times for "Love It Or List It Vancouver! And, didn't take me long to fall in love with the products. We decided to go with Trex composite decking in Select Pebble Grey for our home because I love the look and durability of it!”

Did you have any hesitations or concerns about choosing Trex?

“Originally, I thought that I wanted traditional wood decking and railing but, after mulling it over, we came to the realization that this would end up being another make-work project. So, the fact that Trex is low maintenance had me sold right away.”

Did you use any of the Trex online resources or tools during your design or building process?

“I started by checking out their site and exploring the Trex Inspiration Gallery to peruse photos and help visualize my outdoor living space. Eventually, I reached out to the team at Trex to get some more help and info - and they were super easy to work with!”

"On top of Trex being eco-friendly, it's also insanely durable and looks like real wood! The biggest bonus is the fact that composite decking won't peel or chip!"

-Jillian Harris

How do you use your Trex deck?

"We are constantly on our deck in the summer. We love to entertain so there are lots of late summer nights spent out there soaking up the Okanagan sun!"

Any tips or advice for other homeowners who may be considering using Trex for their outdoor living spaces?

"If you're looking for decking, patio furniture or railing that will last you a VERY LONG time and look good the entire time as well, I would highly recommend going with Trex so you can spend your spare time doing things you love rather than upkeep!"

Did you incorporate Trex railing or other accessories? Did these factor into your decision to use Trex?

"Yes!! I decided to give Trex Outdoor Furniture a try and see how well it held up and, so far, it has been AMAZING!! I ordered sun loungers, rocking chairs, a porch swing and our chairs and coffee table on our downstairs patio from Trex. Every single piece of furniture has held up brilliantly! We even left it outside for the entire winter and, when spring rolled around, all we had to do was just hose them off (cushions included!), and everything looked completely brand new!! "We also have cocktail railing in Trex Transcend Classic White. Cocktail railing is great (especially for entertaining) because the top of the rail is the same width as the flooring plank. The fact that it's so nice and wide is perfect for resting your arms on and it's even wide enough to hold a drink!" To see more inspiring projects from Jillian, visit

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