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Q&A with Aussie Design Expert, Shannon Vos

Sydney Design School Grad and Winner of Channel 9's The Block Glasshouse, Shannon Vos shares his thought process, material selection, and experience crafting this contemporary, yet playful outdoor oasis for his family. 

April 18, 2022

How did you come to choose Trex for your project?

We were looking for a product that is low maintenance but that will retain the natural look and texture of timber. We live in a termite-prone area with high levels of rain and plenty of hot humid days. So, a decking material that could withstand the local environment was a must. Also, I am a painter by trade, and I know how much the Australian sun takes its toll on timber left outside, as such, outdoor timbers need a protective coating every six months. With a growing and constantly busy family, I didn’t want to spend an entire weekend every six months applying decking oil. Trex is our perfect solution.

Which Trex decking collection did you use? Why did you choose that particular collection (color, grain pattern, sustainability, price, etc.)?

(Note: The color “Gravel Path” has been discontinued. If you like this look, Rainier, Foggy Wharf and Biscayne are similar alternatives.)

Did you work with a TrexPro contractor or Trex dealer? If so, how was that experience?

We worked with the Trex sales representative in Sydney NSW and he was super helpful and very knowledgeable.

From an installation standpoint, what are some of the main advantages of working with Trex materials? 

Trex decking is easy to work with and the deck boards are versatile. Provided that a new blade is used on whatever saw you’re using, cutting and trimming the composite board is easy. The screws are very user-friendly as no pilot holes are necessary. If the Trex hidden fastening system is used, the installation is quite straight forward and it creates a seamless look.

What would you say are the greatest benefits of building with Trex?

We love the fact that this deck is made from 95% recycled materials, specifically plastic bags.

How does Trex composite decking compare to timber decking? 

Compared to timber, Trex decking is way more user-friendly and has less upkeep. We have also noticed that it is tougher and more resistant to scratches than timber.

How do you use your Trex deck?

We constantly use our deck. With two young boys and a lifestyle that revolves around the outdoors and a pool in our space, we use our deck every single day. From sunbaking, playing, and entertaining outside, our deck is used as much as possible. 

Any tips or advice for other homeowners that may be considering using Trex for their outdoor living spaces?

I would definitely recommend Trex in most outdoor spaces. Plan your layout carefully and avoid butt-joining any boards and you will create a deck that will last eons!

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