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Guide to Trex Outdoor Lighting

Deck lighting creates a safe and inviting outdoor living environment. View our outdoor lighting guide to learn what you need to know about deck lighting.

August 16, 2023

There are many reasons to invest in outdoor deck lighting. Extending the life of your deck by adding lighting adds real value to the investment you make when you build your dream deck.

Adding lighting to a deck design doesn't have to break the bank. This deck lighting guide covers lighting options to suit all homeowners, regardless of taste, need or budget. Whether you want a glam deck for late-night grilling gatherings and sophisticated soirees after dusk, or you simply want to amp the safety of your space after dark, this guide to outdoor lighting is a must-read.

Deck Lighting Collection

Trex offers eight lighting collections with several color options. Let’s take a closer look.

Solar Post Cap Light

Solar Post Cap Light

Powered by the sun, the Solar Post Cap Lights add ambiance to your outdoor space without the electric bill or the wires. Simply press the power button on the inside of the post cap and place it on top of any Trex composite post sleeve in a sunny spot in your backyard to light up your outdoor space every evening— no timers needed. Manufactured in the USA, the Trex Solar Post Cap is compatible with the Trex 4x4. composite post sleeves and is available in our three most popular railing colors.

Deck Post Cap Light

Designed to work with the classically styled composite railings in the Transcend® and Select® railing collections, these Trex post cap lights for decks come in colors to match the Transcend railing collection. The variety of colors allow you to match your lighted post caps to your Trex railing or decking boards. Tucked discreetly under the cap, the warm glow of deck post cap lights is cast down, making it gentle, diffuse and ambient. You can also try Trex's solar powered post cap lights for a wire-free deck post cap light option.

LED Deck Rail Light

Trex®’s LED Deck Rail Lights are practical, easy to use, and can be attached to your composite post sleeves. With a powder-coated aluminum shell, they’re durable and built to last in an outdoor environment, casting their light onto your deck and keeping everyone safe after dark for years to come. The perfect combination of durability, safety, and beauty that makes a lasting impact on your outdoor space.

Stair Riser Light

Available in Bronze, Charcoal Black, and Classic White, Trex Stair Riser Lights feature aluminum housing and a polycarbonate lens with Cree SMD LEDS. Why does all the technical stuff matter? Because it means they’ll last for years even if you have them on every evening. This is useful, as smoothly integrated riser lights installed on each step of your deck staircase aren’t only a beautiful touch, they also prevent accidents like trips, slips, and falls.

Recessed Deck Light

As it’s simple, modern, and can be installed in any deck, recessed deck lighting is also incredibly versatile. These subtle dot lights install flush on the deck boards - or almost any other material - to efficiently light the way.  Recessed lighting looks particularly striking along walkways made with composite decking, where it also serves the purpose of leading people from place to place.

Aluminum Post Cap Light

With a modern, light-ring design, Trex's Aluminum Post Cap Lights are as sleek and edgy as the Signature® Railing collection. Whether the posts you cap these warm lights with support traditional vertical balusters, horizontal rods, glass infills, or industrial-style steel mesh, you’ll want to show off your sleek design choices. Plus, this subtle lighting is just another excuse to entertain after sunset!

Wedge Deck Rail Light

Put a unique spin on your lighting design with the Wedge Deck Rail Lights from Trex. These functional, affordable LED lights fit Trex aluminum posts or composite post sleeves. Like all of Trex's outdoor lighting options, they're designed to outlast the elements. Wedge Deck Rail Lights come in Bronze, Classic White, and Charcoal Black and blend into your deck and railings by day and illuminate them by night.

RainEscape® Soffit Light

If you're using a Trex® RainEscape® system to drain water from the top level of a two-level deck, you're also creating a safe environment to install RainEscape Soffit downlights on the underside of your upper deck. These lights are plug-and-play, so there's no need to spend time configuring everything. You could be eating dinner in your cozy, covered outdoor dining room in the warm light of the RainEscape® Soffit Light tomorrow! It's the perfect solution for enjoying your outdoor space, whatever the weather, even after dark.


What are the Benefits of Deck Lighting?

Deck lighting has a number of benefits. Most importantly, deck lighting increases safety and also allows you to use your deck when it’s dark out. Trex lighting is hardwired and has a long lifespan, so once it’s installed you can trust it to work when you need it. 

Deck lighting also serves as a design choice that enhances what you love about your deck, with options to suit both modern and classic deck looks. Whatever style you choose, Trex’s deck lights can be used to highlight decorative features and create distinct zones on your deck.

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of the key benefits of deck lighting from Trex.


Deck lighting enhances safety in a few important ways. Stair riser lights, for example, minimize the risk of anyone tripping in the dark. In contrast, recessed deck lighting can be used to guide people along pathways or provide general diffuse light that makes the deck surface, and its edges, visible. Similarly, post caps or railing lights gently light the whole deck area and, if they're angled downwards, provide a clear indication of the structure’s zones.

Controlling your lights remotely, as you can using Trex's WiFi controller, allows you to keep your home safe, too. Turn your outdoor lights on in the evenings to create the impression that someone is home, even if you’re on a beach hundreds of miles away!

Easy Installation

The new Trex Solar Post Cap Light is our easiest lighting to install. With the click of a button and a little sunlight, you are on your way to a well-light outdoor space. Installing wired Trex deck lighting is straightforward and a keen DIY-er should be able to get them set up and switched on in a few hours. If you’re not the handy type or simply want to save time by hiring a professional to install deck lighting it will be a quick job for them.

Improved Technology

The functionality of outdoor lighting, specifically deck lighting, has improved significantly in the last few years, as have the tools for designing your deck lighting – for example, you can use Trex’s deck lighting calculator to plan the technical details of your deck lights set-up. 

Additionally, LEDs are now almost ubiquitous, meaning a longer lifespan for every one of your deck lights. Far from the bright-white glare of the past, LED lighting offers a warm and gentle glow. You can even control the brightness from anywhere using Trex's app-based WiFi controller when using our wired lighting options. The app’s advanced features also allow you to set lighting schedules and monitor lighting status, which means no more worrying about whether or not you left the porch lights on. As all Trex plug-and-play lighting options are already compatible with the controller, it’s easy to add it to your existing lighting set-up. Just install your controller between your power supply and your lights, download the Bond Home app, and you’re good to go. For Trex Solar Post Cap Light users, the set-up is even easier. Turn your post cap on with the button inside each cap, and you're set; no app or WiFi controller needed. These handy lights can sense the lighting in your backyard and will automatically turn on and off accordingly.


Get Started With Your Deck Lighting Today!

Are you dreaming of the parties you could throw on your deck once it's twinkling with warm light? Or imagine turning your outdoor lights on as you get home so you stop tripping on the stairs? Either way, Trex lights for decks are the answer. Get a bit more design inspiration with these deck lighting ideas, or take the plunge and choose the lighting for you from Trex's selection of outdoor deck lighting.

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