Contact Trex's Board of Directors



Security holders and other interested parties may communicate any concerns they may have about the company directly and confidentially to either the full Board of Directors or the non-management directors as a group, or an individual director, by calling the company's Governance Hotline (800-719-4916) or by writing to:

"Board of Directors" or "Non-Management Directors" or Name of Individual Director
Trex Company, Inc
2500 Trex Way
Winchester, VA 22601
Attn: Secretary

An independent third-party vendor maintains this Governance Hotline, and forwards all communications to the Trex Secretary. The Secretary then reviews and forwards all communications to the board member or members that you designate, except for those communications that are outside the scope of Board matters or duplicative of other communications previously forwarded to the intended recipients. The Secretary will retain copies of all communications and maintain a record of whether the communications were forwarded and, if not, the reason why not.

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