Recycled Poly Pellets For Manufacturing

Between fluctuating prices, unreliable providers and inconsistent material qualities, sourcing plastic pellets is not an easy task. As part of our dedication to the environment, Trex's manufacturing processes create virtually zero waste, with surplus materials being reintroduced to the market. The resulting supply of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) pellets offers plastics manufacturers of all kinds a smart alternative to virgin plastic that’s consistent in price, quality and availability. What's more, our recycled pellets can help meet quotas for recycled content in any newly manufactured plastic products.

Trex LLDPE Pellets Are Designed For Simplicity

Trex poly pellets are environmentally responsible because they're made from 100% recycled materials

Environmentally Responsible

Our poly pellets are made from 100% recycled materials, signaling a more conscious dedication to our planet.

 Trex supplies poly plastic pellets in bulk as a result of our green processes, meaning our pellets are consistently available and always high quality

Consistent Availability

Formed as a direct result of our green processes, we will always have a steady source of reliable high-quality material.

Our recycled plastic pellets are competitively priced and aren't subject to the fluctuations of crude oil pricing

Competitively Priced

Without the ever-changing value of crude oil as a business factor, our prices are fair and steady over time.

The uniform composition of Trex's plastic pellets means you can use them to produce a wide range of products

Wide Applications

With a uniform chemical composition, recycled LLDPE is perfect for anything from bags to flexible tubing.

Team Up With One Of The Largest Plastic Recyclers In The Country

Since the mid-nineties, Trex has been salvaging plastic bags, film and other recyclable materials to create eco-friendly outdoor living products. But not all of the plastic we recycle can make its way into our famous decking. The resulting recycled LLDPE pellets can serve your company as an environmentally responsible alternative to virgin plastic or off-spec resin, free from the variable market values of oil. By linking your business with ours, we’re all one step closer to a greener world (and we’ll both be saving a little green in the process).

By recycling raw plastic materials, Trex creates eco-friendly decking solutions and produces poly pellets for use as a virgin plastic alternative

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