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Catching Up With Trex Pinterest Winner Sarah Hale

View the rooftop deck of our Trex Destination Giveaway winner. Learn what Trex® products were used when building a deck eight stories above Chicago's streets.

October 25, 2018

No penthouse is complete with a crumbling outdoor space. Poor maintenance had left cracked cedar boards under foot, and large plants had replaced broken railing. But with a new budget, Sarah, her husband Andrew and her father were ready to renovate.

Trex decks may be easy to build, but transporting materials to the top of the condominium was no small feat. The three rigged a pulley system over the edge of the building to hoist some of the decking. "Despite all of this, it was worth it, "Sarah told Trex.

Trex® RainEscape® Deck Drainage System allows the Hales peace of mind in case of rooftop leaks. To Sarah, it was the “perfect solution.” “It all but eliminates the chance that we will have to pull up the deck.”

The streaked umber tones of Trex Transcend® Havana Gold and Spiced Rum decking extend the Hales’s indoor aesthetic outside. Trex Universal Hidden Fasteners eliminate unsightly screws Deck boards placed on the perimeter create privacy screens and, on one end, even make the perfect bar. “We’re blessed with a huge deck, but 90 percent of the time people gravitate to the bar,” Sarah said.

Sarah also wanted to include a small portable pool on her deck which necessitated reinforcing the substructure. “If you can have a pool in the city, why not?”

Knowing they no longer have to invest in deck maintenance has taken a load off the Hales. “We can relax. There’s nothing we have to do.” With no sanding, painting or staining to worry about, Sarah can return home from work each day, glass of wine in hand, and head out onto her rooftop Trex deck to enjoy views of the Chicago skyline. “It’s incredible,” she says of the transformed space. “When we walk out there, we’re in another world. It’s like being on vacation every day!”

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