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#MyTrexStory: Lauren Elizabeth Burke

Lauren Burke, mother of three and former second grade teacher, took her love of teaching and home improvement to create a blog, Instagram and TikTok channel designed to empower her 335K+ followers to tackle home improvement projects themselves. Last year, Lauren decided she finally found a project she needed to call in the professionals for her new deck. Read along to discover how Lauren turned her backyard into an eco-friendly oasis with Trex.

October 06, 2022
Backyard deck

How did you come to choose Trex products for your project?

"Trex was our number one choice for our decking material! My husband has worked in the construction industry for over 10 years and it has always been the standard for many of his jobs! The look, feel, and virtually maintenance-free nature of Trex makes it a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a decking material."

Trex Decking in Gravel Path

Which Trex decking collection did you use? What appealed to you concerning that particular collection (color, grain pattern, sustainability, price)?

(Note: The color “Gravel Path” has been discontinued. If you like this look, Rainier, Foggy Wharf and Biscayne are similar alternatives.)

How did the installation process go? What went easier than you expected? What was more difficult?

"I wish I could have DIYed the install! We had it professionally installed but knowing what I know now it would have been such a good experience because the hidden fasteners are such a great feature."

Backyard deck

How does working with Trex decking compare to working with wood decking?

"There is no comparison! Trex is not only easier and more visually seamless, no potential splitting wood!"

Describe how you use your deck? How often are you on your deck? What activities do you enjoy doing most on your deck?

"Living in the Midwest, our winters are brutal. We spend as much time on our deck as we can as soon as it gets above 50 degrees. We love al fresco dining, having drinks with friends, playing games, roasting s’mores and just relaxing and enjoying being outdoors!"

Do you have any tips or advice for other homeowners who may be considering using Trex for their outdoor living space?

"You will not regret it! Not only is the product eco-friendly, the company you are supporting is eco-friendly! I loved learning about how Trex uses plastic bags to make its composite decking but, not only that, 100% of the waste from manufacturing is then recycled back into the line! Seriously incredible!"

Do you have any tips or advice for a DIYer considering building their own Trex deck?

"Make sure you check out all the resources on to help you prepare for installing your own deck!"

Backyard deck

Can you elaborate on the importance of one’s outdoor space to their health and happiness?

"Being outside is so important to my family. I have three young children, and we all are happier (and sleep better!) when we get at least an hour or two outside everyday. Having a place to relax watching our kids play in the yard is one of my favorite things about summertime. As someone who highly values how the interior of our home makes us feel, the same goes for our outdoor living space. Having our own private retreat to enjoy nature and the beauty around us is priceless."

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