Trex® Lighthub 3-Way Splitter in 6 Pack


Light It Up

If the prospect of cutting, stripping and twisting wires together is too much, consider Trex's LightHub installation system. Featuring small but durable plugs that simply chain lighting together, this system saves time, money and the frustration of troubleshooting. The 3-way splitter is the backbone of the system. It has 3 ports that connect your power source to your lights. Simply link these together with Male/Male LightHub wires (sold separately) and your next Trex Outdoor lighting install will be faster and easier.

Trex® Through and Through

Trex LightHub Splitters are compatible with all Trex Outdoor Lighting Products and are designed specifically for outdoor use.

What's in the Box

(6) Trex LightHub 3-Way Splitter Hubs that easily link together Male-to-Male Trex LightHub wires (sold separately) creating custom lighting designs for your outdoor oasis.

Don't forget to order a transformer for your new Outdoor Lighting. Find out how many you'll need.

Weight(lbs) 1.0
Width(Inches) 6
Height(Inches) 2.4
Depth(Inches) 2.4
Length(Inches) 2.4
Power Source DC
Voltage 12 volts
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