Trex Light Hub™ (6 Pack) Female to Female Adapter


Light it Up

If the prospect of cutting, stripping and twisting wires together is too much, consider Trex's LightHub installation system. The Female-to-Female adapter is a simple device that allows you to link Male/Male LightHub extension wires (sold separately) together to create custom lengths or make the most of leftovers. For maximum flexibility these are recommended for a first time installer.

Trex® Through and Through

Trex LightHub Adapters are compatible with all Trex Outdoor Lighting Products and are designed specifically for outdoor use.

What's in the Box

6 Female-to-Female adapters that allow you to easily link Male-to-Male LightHub extension wires (sold separately) without any electrical skills.

Don't forget to order a transformer for your new Outdoor Lighting. Find out how many you'll need.

Weight(lbs) 0.06
Width(Inches) 6
Height(Inches) 0.5
Depth(Inches) 6.5
Length(Inches) 6.5
Power Source DC
Voltage 12 volts
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