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MyTrexStory: Charlee of “Build & Create Home”

Charlee, the creator behind the Build & Create Home Instagram and TikTok DIY channel recently partnered with her close friend who runs the social account, She’s the Carpenter to build a Trex deck at Ashley's Texas home. We recently had a chance to talk to her about her experience working with Trex.

October 24, 2022

Were you aware of Trex prior to this project? If so, what was your impression of the brand/product? Did you have any hesitations or concerns?

"I had seen and heard of Trex before our project, but this was my first time building with it! My friends, family, and followers who have used Trex products spoke very highly of them, saying their decks had lasted for years. I was a little hesitant that it would be difficult to work with compared to lumber, but it was actually a great product to work with."

Did you use any of the Trex online resources or tools during your design or building process? If so, which ones, and what was your experience?

 "I spent quite a bit of time on the Trex website going through videos of the building process, especially the Plan your Deck page. It was full of helpful videos on using the Trex Hidden Fastener Tool and other resources for installing and planning out a decking project."

How did you like working with the Trex Enhance® Deck Kit from Lowe’s? Based on your experience, what were some of the pros and cons?

"Using a kit made it nice to have all the materials already figured out for the entire decking project. We didn’t have to worry that we didn’t buy enough hidden fasteners, etc. For cons, the kit made it a little harder to customize things. For example, the kit is designed to go up against a house, and since our deck was free-standing, we didn’t quite have enough of the 8’ finished-edge (fascia) pieces.”

Did you find the installation process easy or challenging?

"The Trex Hidden Fastener System was very easy to use! I am pretty meticulous, so I loved that the gaps between boards were nice and even using the spacers/hidden fasteners.”

What was your experience with the railing installation process?

"I was worried that the railing was going to be difficult to install, but it was actually a really straightforward process! The instructions were easy to follow, and it went up much more quickly than we had anticipated."

What would you say are the greatest benefits of building with Trex materials?

"When I found out Trex decking is made from 95% recycled materials, that really blew me away. I think that is a HUGE benefit. With deforestation becoming a huge global issue, that one benefit is enough for me to build my own future decks with Trex products. 

And, of course, not needing to re-stain or paint like you would with a traditional lumber deck. Power washing, sanding, repairing, and re-painting old decks is a very time-consuming and laborious process. Omitting ongoing decking upkeep from the yearly “spring projects” list is a huge benefit."

Any tips or advice for other homeowners that may be considering the Trex Enhance® Deck Kit – or other Trex Materials – for their outdoor living spaces?

"There are a lot of different ways to successfully build a substructure. Try to research at least a couple to decide what the best fit is for your location and needs. And make sure you choose a color that you know you will love for years to come because this deck is going to last a looooong time."

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