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Top 22 Trex Covered Decks and Enclosed Deck Spaces

Whether you have a front porch, back porch or wrap-around, an inviting enclosed space makes the outdoors better. Check out some of our favorite covered deck designs.

August 29, 2019

#1: Covered Deck Attached to House

A covered deck attached to your house provides shelter from the elements, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space no matter Mother Nature’s plans. Transform it into a cozy lounge area, perfect for relaxing with a book or hosting intimate gatherings. Consider adding comfortable seating, vibrant plants, and ambient lighting to create an inviting atmosphere. 

With a covered deck attached to your house, you'll have a versatile and convenient outdoor retreat right at your doorstep.

#2: Covered Deck by Attaching Pergola

If you’re looking for simple covered deck ideas, consider transforming your outdoor space with a captivating covered deck in the form of a pergola attached to your home. This approach allows you to add shade and a touch of rustic elegance without a massive construction project. For more depth, add a variety of colors and textures through plants, as this homeowner has done.

#3: Covered Deck with Freestanding Pergola

Elevate your outdoor living space with a charming covered deck featuring a freestanding pergola. The contrasting elements of composite decking and lush green grass create a harmonious balance, while a freestanding pergola provides both shade and an architectural focal point. If you prefer a minimalistic design, be inspired by this space’s clean, straight lines and open spaces.

#4: Enclosed Deck with Skylights

When it comes to deck covering ideas, this is one of our favorites. Step into your own oasis of tranquility with an enclosed deck featuring skylights. Natural light creates a warm and inviting atmosphere while offering a seamless connection to the outdoors. Imagine curling up in the cozy seating area, basking in the soft glow of sunlight while being protected from the elements. Blankets and pillows in various patterns add texture, while a built-in fireplace offers warmth and ambiance.

#5: Enclosed Deck Next to the Pool

Create the ultimate outdoor oasis with an enclosed deck nestled next to your pool. It’s one of the enclosed deck ideas that offer the best of both worlds — a sense of privacy and defined boundaries while providing an open and inviting gathering space. With a comfortable lounging chair next to the pool, oversized wall art in one seating area, and a large flat-screen television in another, there’s plenty of space and options for everyone.

#6: Covered Deck with Adjustable Canopies 

Transform your outdoor living space with one of our more unique covered deck options featuring adjustable canopies. These versatile canopies allow you to customize your level of shade and protection, making them perfect for any weather condition. Whether seeking respite from the scorching sun or shielding yourself from a passing rain shower, the adjustable feature ensures your comfort and enjoyment. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and patterns to customize your space.

#7: Covered Deck with Adjustable Curtains

If you’re looking for one or more deck covering options that offer adjustable features, consider this design. These versatile curtains allow you to create a private and intimate atmosphere whenever desired. Whether you want to shield yourself from prying eyes or simply create a cozy and secluded space, adjustable curtains allow you to tailor the level of privacy to your preference. This particular design includes all the amenities, including a sunk-in hot tub and grill with a counter for food prep.

#8: Freestanding Covered Deck

When it comes to unique covered deck designs, a floating covered deck offers a multitude of benefits. Its design allows you to build a deck in areas where traditional construction might not be feasible, such as rugged terrains or uneven ground. 

This freestanding covered deck features an oversized seating area and ample counter space for serving up large family meals. It offers an outdoor dining space that can be used throughout the year for exceptional entertaining.

#9: Covered Deck with an Outdoor Kitchen

Experience the ultimate outdoor entertaining setup with a covered deck featuring an outdoor kitchen. As one of our favorite covered back deck ideas, this delightful combination allows you to cook, dine, and socialize effortlessly in one inviting space. 

With a modern dining set, bar stools and cocktail rail, a built-in grill, and ample cabinet storage, this kitchen design can turn an amateur cook into a world-class chef. Whether hosting a barbecue or enjoying a cozy dinner, a covered deck with an outdoor kitchen offers convenience, functionality, and endless culinary possibilities.

#10: Covered Deck with a Gazebo

A gazebo on a deck provides many benefits, from offering shade and protection from the elements to creating an elegant focal point in your outdoor space. You can relax, dine, or entertain guests in a cozy and intimate setting with a gazebo. 

What we love most about this design is the collection of angles and curves throughout the entire deck that draws you into each space. When exploring gazebo options, keep in mind that curved and angled options are available and can help you create more visual interest in your overall design.

#11: Covered Deck with a Contrasting Color

A covered deck with a contrasting color scheme creates a visually striking and dynamic outdoor space. In this example of covered deck ideas attached to houses, the combination of a rich brown composite deck floor and a contrasting white roof adds depth and dimension to the design. The black trim further enhances the contrast, creating a modern and sophisticated look. 

Consider this design if you want to make a bold statement and infuse your outdoor space with a touch of style and personality.

#12: Enclosed Deck with Great Lighting

When browsing closed-in deck ideas, consider ones with great lighting. This element creates a versatile and inviting space that can be enjoyed day and night. With well-placed lighting fixtures, this deck becomes a cozy retreat where you can indulge in various activities. 

In this design, the lighting is concentrated in the covered seating area, acting as a focal point that draws guests in. Consider this option if you want to extend the usability of your outdoor space and create a warm and welcoming ambiance for gatherings and relaxation alike.

#13: Covered Deck by the Pool

Having a covered deck near your pool offers the best of both worlds: a separate space for relaxation and a convenient connection to the pool area. With the deck slightly distanced from the pool, you can enjoy a tranquil retreat to lounge, dine, or engage in various activities without the constant splashing and noise. 

This design offers visual interest by incorporating a checkered pattern with pavers and grass. The wicker furniture can withstand splashes and cannonballs, which is ideal for a poolside seating arrangement.

#14: Multi-Level Covered Deck

When exploring different covered deck attached to house plans, consider options that include multi-level covered decks. Relax in one of the several seating arrangements on the lower deck, dine on the upper covered level, or entertain guests in any of the separate zones while enjoying the shade and protection from the elements. 

Consider this option for versatility, elegance, and an enhanced outdoor experience. To create a cohesive space despite the size, incorporate a single color scheme throughout, as this homeowner does with deep blue and splashes of coral.

#15: Enclosed Deck with Porch Fan

An enclosed deck with a porch fan brings comfort and relief to your outdoor living space. The gentle breeze the fan creates helps to circulate the air, keeping you cool on hot summer days. It also helps to deter insects. 

This deck design keeps the entire space light and breezy with clean lines and light colors. Whether lounging with a book, hosting a gathering, or simply unwinding with a refreshing beverage, a fan adds relaxation and tranquility to your enclosed porch.

#16: Front Porch Covered Deck

A front porch-covered deck is an inviting entryway to your home. It offers a place to greet guests, enjoy a morning cup of coffee, or watch the world go by. In this design, carefully planned landscaping surrounds the deck and extends to the porch. There’s also symmetry throughout, from the double staircases on each side to the plants on each side of the door to the lighting above.

Consider a front porch-covered deck to enhance your home's curb appeal while providing a functional and charming outdoor area for everyday enjoyment.

#17: Small Enclosed Deck

This cozy nook offers a charming and intimate outdoor retreat that provides privacy and tranquility. Despite its smaller size, a small enclosed deck can still be versatile, accommodating seating arrangements, potted plants, and decorative touches. The angle of this design shows that it’s possible to create multiple, separate seating arrangements despite being tight on space. Keeping everything square, from the seating to the decks to the fire pit, also creates a cohesive look.

Consider this space for moments of solitude, like reading a book, enjoying tea, or even entertaining close friends.

#18: Enclosed Deck with Fireplace

An enclosed deck with a fireplace creates an inviting and cozy outdoor living space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. In this example, the stunning Trex deck, exposed roof beams, and modern furniture set the stage for relaxation and entertainment. When working with sophisticated spaces like this, keep your patterns and decor elements classic and neutral, as this design does.

#19: Enclosed White Deck with Beautiful Accents

An enclosed white deck in Senoia, Georgia offers a serene and elegant outdoor retreat. The wide steps adorned with potted flowers lead to a spacious deck featuring a potting station, a comfortable sitting area, and a stylish table with carefully chosen decor accents. 

Made with Trex composite decking, this deck exemplifies durability and timeless beauty. Imagine enjoying leisurely mornings surrounded by nature, indulging in gardening activities, or hosting intimate gatherings in this enchanting space.

#20: Enclosed Deck to Escape Everything

Imagine the joy of escaping the noise and busyness of daily life by stepping into your own private retreat. An enclosed deck like the one pictured here offers the perfect sanctuary to unwind, recharge, and reconnect with nature without ever leaving your home. 

Designed with Trex Transcend® decking in Havana Gold, this deck in Ashburn, Virginia, offers the perfect blend of durability and aesthetic appeal, creating an inviting and stylish space. With lush ferns, oversized pillows, and a nod to an enthusiasm to travel in the form of suitcase-inspired furniture, this deck offers thrills and adventure without having to leave home.

#21: Enclosed Deck that can be Anyone’s Happy Place

Gather inspiration from this enclosed deck made from Trex Transcend® decking in Island Mist, located in beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina. Imagine entering through the double French doors and being greeted by a captivating view of the water. The round table with ample seating invites you to gather with loved ones and enjoy leisurely conversations or delightful meals.

#22: Enclosed Deck on Two Floors

Imagine stepping onto this remarkable enclosed deck on two floors, crafted with Trex Transcend® decking in the warm and inviting tone of Spiced Rum. This grand home in Alpharetta, Georgia, boasts an expansive deck that sprawls across two levels. At every turn, you’ll find a defined area for relaxing, dining, or entertaining. The upper level features a built-in kitchen, an oversized dining area, and a separate seating arrangement for intimate conversations. The lower level surrounds a pool and several seating areas with ample lighting for ambiance and safety.

The possibilities are limitless in a space like this. If your budget allows for an enclosed deck on two floors, let this example inspire you to create the deck of your wildest dreams.

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