Trex® Multi-zone Transformer Adapter in 5 Way Splitter Cable


Light It Up

Creating multiple dimmer zones for your outdoor oasis has never been easier. The Multi-zone Transformer Adapter takes the water resistant plug utilized by the Trex Transformers and Dimmers and replicates it turning 1 female port into 5 female ports. This makes creating multiple dimmer zones a snap.

Trex® Through and Through

The Multi-zone Transformer Adapter is compatible with all Trex Transformers and Dimmers and can be easily used without any electrical skills. It is also required for installation of the Trex Spotlight (sold separately).

What’s in the Box

1 LightHub 5-Way Multi-zone Transformer Adapter that easily turns 1 female port into 5 female ports.

Don't forget to order a transformer for your new Landscape Lighting. Find out how many you'll need.

Weight(lbs) 0.12
Width(Inches) 6
Height(Inches) 0.5
Depth(Inches) 7
Length(Inches) 7
Power Source DC
Type of Bulb Wired Splitter
Voltage 12 volts
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