Trex® LED Spotlight

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Light It up With Trex® LED Spotlights

Trex Spotlights shine a warm white light through a 140° swivel head. They’re perfect for highlighting landscape and architecture at night and practically disappear into their surroundings during the day. The spotlights use Cree Super LED diodes, making them 4.3x more efficient than incandescent lighting. Made with powder-coated aluminum and cast zinc, Trex LED Spotlights can withstand years of tough weather, including rain, wind and hail. The silver-coated copper wires are safe to bury underground and out of sight.

Trex® Through and Through

Like most Trex products, Trex Spotlights are manufactured in the USA. They beautifully match with the rest of Trex Landscape Lighting and can be quickly installed without any electrical skills using the Trex LightHub connection system. They’re also backed by a limited 5-year warranty.

What's in the Box

Every box contains one Spotlight, a male LightHub lead wire, one 36v step-up transformer, two Allen wrenches and one female-to-female adapter. When installing, you’ll need a 100-watt Trex 12v DC transformer (sold separately). To install multiple Spotlights, you’ll also need the Trex multi-zone transformer adapter (sold separately).

Don't forget to order a transformer for your new Landscape Lighting. Find out how many you'll need.

Power Source: DC

Voltage: 12 volts

Wattage: 4.56

Item Package Quantity: 1

Type of Bulb: LED

Weight(lbs) 1.64
Width(Inches) 3.75
Height(Inches) 2.67
Depth(Inches) 34.38
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